Metro Welcomes Tiffany Dunning, Registered Acupuncturist

We are very pleased to introduce Tiffany Dunning, our newest member here at Metro. Appointments with Tiffany can be booked online or by calling the clinic. Tiffany looks forward to meeting you and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

What drew you to your profession as a Registered Acupuncturist?
After learning about acupuncture in a holistic health course I was taking as an elective during my anthropology degree, I was curious to give it a try. After several treatments I noticed a major reduction of my chronic headaches and stress levels and started to feel an overall sense of wellness. At this point I became very curious about Chinese Medicine and started to research the theory behind it. I became so intrigued by this gentle yet effective medicine I decided to totally switch my career path and am so happy that I did!

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I enjoy being able to guide others to reach their optimal health. I love working together with my patients to bring them back into balance. Helping my patients improve their quality of life is my biggest reward.

How long have you been in Victoria?
I have lived in Victoria for a total of 5 years. After spending a week vacation here I knew that I wanted to live here. I moved from a small town in southern Manitoba to go to school and have been here ever since.
There are many things I enjoy about Victoria. I mostly enjoy the mild climate and being able to do so many things outside year round. I like being by the mountains and by the ocean.

Do you have any interests outside of work that you would like to share?
I love being active and being outside in nature! That is one of the reasons I love living in Victoria. I enjoy running, hiking, surfing, swimming, and gardening. Being able to connect with nature is very important to me and is one of the ways I am able to clear my head, de-stress and recharge.
Another huge interest of mine is photography. I love being able to capture moments in time. Photography to me is all about perspective and how you view the world. It is a creative outlet for me in which I feel like I can express myself. I feel unstoppable with my camera in hand!

Do you have plans to study any further in your chosen field?
That is one of the best things about this field. There is always more to learn. There are many workshops offered throughout the year from different organizations that explore different aspects of acupuncture. I plan on taking a course on Facial Rejuvenation in the winter. I am also considering adding the herbal component to my degree.

What do you want your clients to take away from working with you?
I would love for my clients to see me as a partner in their journey towards optimal health. And that I am committed to working with them to get the results that they are hoping for. I want my clients to feel like they were cared for in every aspect of their physical and emotional wellbeing. I want them to take away a feeling of empowerment and to feel they can improve the state of their wellbeing.